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Experienced switch available week days

Age:29 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:married
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 4in (163 cm)
Weight:15st 0lb (95.3 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
Last login:2 days ago

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I'm available for both giving and receiving spanking.
You can also find me on Spankeefinder as Amelia in the South East which may reassure you I'm real!

I'm free Monday-Thursday for commercial sessions in my home. Some days I will be available in the evening.
I can take and give a firm spanking with various implements. My personal favourite is the strap.

I am friendly and approachable and respect all limits (and expect the same in return)

There is no sexual contact allowed so please do not ask.

I'm good at roleplay but equally happy to simply spank as us. I like to hear about people's interests to see what we can do together to meet them.
If you're new to spanking then I'd love to help you figure out what you enjoy and try different things.

Spanking is an integral part of me that I have known I enjoy for as long as I can remember. I do understand how we can have conflicting feelings on it. However, I feel we should all accept and embrace it if it makes us happy.

I do charge a deposit via bank transfer as unfortunately people often don't turn up or cancel last minute. I understand the worry and risk about this so am happy to put you in touch with people who can vouch for me that I'm real and reliable!

I won't waste your time so please don't waste mine.

:) X

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