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Age:32 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 11in (180 cm)
Weight:18st 10lb (118.8 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
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I arrive at the time and location specified. It looks just like a normal house but I know it's anything but, my stomach already in knots at what lay ahead. I know master warned me that if I did it again he would send me to a specialist for punishment but I thought he was just saying that to scare me, yet here I am. Dresssed in panties and ba beneath tight black trousers and white shirt, my only instruction "DO AS YOU'RE TOLD"

I knock and wait before I hear a tall gate opening at the side of the house and someone come and meet me. "Follow"

I do as Im told and Im soon behind the gate and in what seems to be a pathway leading to the back of the house and to a garden. Just inside the gate though we stop. "Present yourself" my only instruction, so I put my hands against the wall and spread my legs.

"You have been sent here for a stage 5 punishment, this is the highest punishment level we offer so you must have been very naughty. You will be expected to follow all rules first time and you will be thoroughly punished and humiliated during your stay. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" My head spinning with what level 5 might mean but I cant deny the wetness between my legs growing at the thought too.

"Good Girl, to show you accept and understand these rules I want you to remove your shirt and hand it to me"

Here? Out in the open? - Realistically I know the gate shields us from the road and noone can see beyond it from anywhere else but still I feel very exposed and my nipples responding to the cold air does nothing for my level off humiliation as I do as Im told .

"Now the trousers, all level 5s are only allowed as a maximum to wear their underwear throughout their stay here"

Now I know why master didnt insist on his usual short skirt on sending me here today, he already knew Id have to remove my trousers anyway and he knew I would find having to slowly roll down my trousers to remove them far more humiliating than quickly dropping a skirt. Now here I stand in nothing more than lacy panties and bra, outside in the cool air and feeling very exposed but also very excited.

"Now to the last part of your pre intake... your collar, and plug... be a god girl and you wont need the gag too, Now present yourself again and we can get you all set. Do not move"

I feel a band of leather being fastened around my neck, my collar so now anyone/ everyone inside will know Im here to be punished, yet another humiliation.

I then feel my panties being lowered to my knees, desperate to close my legs so that he doesnt see how wet I am already but knowing I must follow his instruction not to move. I feel my cheeks being parted before feeling the plug he'd mentioned being inserted and my bottom feeling very full. He'd managed to humiliate me further by using my own wetness to lube up the plug before inserting it. Then without another word he left me there and with that Im left alone semi naked, plugged and humiliated awaiting whatever comes next.

After what felt like an eternity but was probaably only a few minutes I was joined by my instructor, he announced his presence by a few well placed swats to my bottom.

"You are here to be taught some manners brat, and I will be the one to teach you. I see you are already wearing your collar which you must wear to show you are under instruction and it will only be removed after all stages of your punishment are complete. It is good to see you are already plugged too and ready to go. Please pull up your panties and follow me and we can begin"

I do as I'm told - Stages? what will I be expected to do here tonight? - As if reading my mind my instructor says I will be expected to take multiple punishments some like a spanking will be designed for pain others like the plug I have inserted designed for humiliation, these will begin while I am dressed as I am but by the end of the punishment I should expect to feel fully used and be naked apart from my collar. All of the punishments together designed to make me less of a brat.

I cant deny the anticipation is making me nervous but its also making me wetter than I think Ive ever been too as I follow my instructor into the house for stage one - a thourough otk spanking followed by reflection time in the corner. My lacy panties providing no protection at all for my now very red and sore bottom.

After my corner time it was time for stage 2 and I had a choice to make - I could be bent over a chair and receive 100 swats of the paddle on my alreadt sore bottom or I could 'pay' for a reduction in the swats to 60 by removing my bra and accepting 10 hand swats to my breasts before my paddling. I chose the reduction, my humiliation made worse as my breasts bounced around with every swat. After the 60 were complete i was made to remain in position, fingers between my legs making my humiliation complete as my instructor saw and felt how wet this treatment was making me.

After that came stage 3 and again I had a choice .... the cane or the belt? If I chose the belt it would be the one he was wearing and I would have to remove it for myself before asking him to use it, 'paying' him to do so with my panties, meaning I would be naked from now on.. If it was the cane then I had t go out into the other room , dressed as I am in just my panties, and select a cane for myself and and if I chose the wrong one I would have to repeat this process until my instructor was satisfied, and then just like the belt ask him to use it and 'pay' him with my now very wet panties. How on earth could I choose?

"While you're thinking about whats next, I think now would be a good time to thank me for the punishment you have received this far, don't you. On your knees"

I do as Im told but Im still no closer to a decision... I hate the belt but could I really go out and into another room naked apart from a collar and matching buttplug and ask to borrow a cane?

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