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Strict lady sought

Location:Newport Isle of Whit
Age:34 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 10in (178 cm)
Weight:10st 0lb (63.5 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
Last login:32 minutes ago

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UPDATE: I'm adding this thanks to some random deciding to send an abusive message:
I am aware that the paragraph immediately below will have people asking all sorts of questions. I am willing to answer any you might have, even if you have no interest in chatting to me. But, and I am astonished this has to be explained, if your response to it is to inbox me some abusive message you will be blocked, I won't even dignify your nonsense by replying. So do us both a favour and go away.

I am trans. I'm aware this will probably put people off, I've accepted that risk, but I'd rather be rejected for who I really am than be someone I'm not just so more people will accept me/be interested.

So, that probably scared most people off, but for those who haven't run a mile already, allow me to tell you what I want.

I have some experience of spanking (a couple of past relationships and one meet-up through another site), and they were good fun and enjoyable but...I've realised that's not really what I want. While my life isn't exactly off the rails, it's in a rut where my get up and go hasn't so much got up and gone as stalled and doesn't want to start. Sorry, that's a terrible analogy. I need someone who can help me get back on track, regularly would be preferable but considering where I live I'm aware one-off might be more practical.

I have no upper or lower age limit, I'm more interested in the kind of person you are and how well we hit it off (excuse the pun).

Now, one major change I've made that requires a caveat: I have realised considering where I live I can't necessarily be picky as long as I'm not made uncomfortable by it.


My alteration to what I'm looking for is NOT an invite for any man or couple to message me. I will give you a fair chance but, no offence, I will tend to be a bit more choosy. And, as my headline says, my preference is still for a female spanker.

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