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Old school tradition and punishment

Age:54 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:man
Height:6ft 0in (183 cm)
Weight:12st 8lb (79.8 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
Last login:I'm online

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE...if you message me with a simple ďHi how u, I need spankin, etc etc you will immediately be blocked, firstly, I do not correspond to the illiterate text speak, secondly i speak 3 languages...English, Profanity and Sarcasm.
When you type something with terrible grammar I automatically assume that you are uneducated and illiterate. Now that Iíve got that off my chest you may carry on reading.

Welcome to the world of Miss Ophelia de Havilland.

I am professional domestic disciplinarian who loves nothing more than old school tradition and old school values.

As a child I had a nanny, and it was her duty to administer to all of my daily requirements and keep a firm rein on my behaviour, consequently as Iíve grown up I have gained the same beliefs that she held...discipline works !

Itís not just my upbringing and background that leans me to be a natural and accomplished disciplinarian, I am 6 feet tall in my bare feet, making me 6 foot 6 in my highest heels. I have a cut glass English accent and know exactly when to use it for scolding men.

More over, as someone who is used to handling powerful horses, I have a very strong arm. Therefore, on top of the above qualities I bring something unique to the disciplinary table, it is now the norm for me to give a spanking that lasts for well over 45 minutes with my hand alone! I mention this because I know many men prefer to have the feel of the ladies own hand across the bottom without any implements, although of course in the disciplinarians lair youíll find all other delights like canes, straps, slippers, tawses, hairbrushes etc...all used with great accuracy.

I should probably mention that prior to this long and spanking I can provide a 15 minute warmup if needed, that should give you some idea that when I say hand spanking I donít necessarily mean a light patting, moreover, as you can, I am sure imagine should you be brave enough to request the feel of one of my implements then your backside is certainly going to be paying for your misdeeds.

You see, I love what I do and practice it in both my professional and private life. If I donít have a bottom to Spank I actually become rather badtempered. I also absolutely believe men need discipline, they go off the rails, and they need to be focused and put back on track. A jolly good spanking or thrashing of the methods I prefer and champion.

Well, that will give you a flavour of the lady whose home you may soon be entering for your disciplinary needs. There is much more to say, and many stories to tell and I often tell some of them beforehand over a cup of tea/coffee and a chat.

Please do not message me at all if you are looking for anything that youíd liken to a dominatrix, leather, rubber, intimate procedures etc. Look elsewhere as my ignoring you may offend.

Do not ever just contact me to chat, unless you pay I will not get into feeding the time waster
who has one hand on the keyboard.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Miss Ophelia

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