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Teach me some real manners

Age:35 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:widowed
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 11in (180 cm)
Weight:20st 5lb (129.3 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
Last login:3 days ago

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Very submissive woman looking for regular meets with someone to spank and humiliate me.

Eg. We arrive at a hotel and while I go to room, you hang back in the foyer area. I have very strict instructions to go straight to the room and stand opposite the door with my hands on the wall and to not move or speak unless you ask a question or tell me to.

After some nervous waiting I hear the door and feel you stand behind me. You reach round and unbuckle my belt and undo my jeans. I've stripped for you many times but having you do it seems more humiliating somehow. Just like it is when you make me get h the hairbrush for myself or stand in front of you and remove your belt and then ask you to use it on my bottom.

With jeans around my knees you direct me to bend over the desk ready for a hand spanking followed by corner time. I really hope you don't see how wet I am already.

I don't know how the rest of the punishment goes but I know by the end I'll be completely naked, have a very sore bottom and I've been totally humiliated. I'm sure we can work out the finer details together, almost everything is on the table as long as it involves you in complete control of everything.

I may be open to a full D/s relationship with the right person but initially looking for casual meets.

NOTE: I do not switch so don't bother asking.

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