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Lady Pandora

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Quintessential Discipline

Location:Saint Helens
Age:59 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 0in (152 cm)
Weight:1st 1lb (6.8 kg)
Preferred spanking:very hard
Last login:3 hours ago

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I still have a live profile on this site because I have met many wonderful people here and it is an easy way for us to keep in touch.

There are so many fakes around that gentlemen must ensure they do their due diligence. My advice is to never send a deposit to someone who is not well-established - you will have no recourse should the person disappear, as they often do. Take no notice of the 'verified' status... it just means that a text was sent to a phone and responded to; no checks are carried out and it means nothing.

I am known as the 'Quintessential Disciplinarian' for good reason. Lifestyle and professional Disciplinarian with over 40 years' lifestyle experience (22 years as a Professional Disciplinarian), specialising in traditional, English-style CP in the classical sense. Every session is tailored to the individual and their needs on the day.

What I can promise you is that I neither lie nor misrepresent myself as so many on this site do. You can rest assured that you will always get precisely what you need - nothing more and nothing less.

As well as one-to-one Play, Punishment, Funishment and Judicial sessions, 15/30 minute Maintenance sessions, 20-minute Interview with the Headmistress/Magistrate, etc. and online/phone sessions (Directed Self-Spankings, Lines, Impositions, Tellings-Off, etc.), I also provide Bespoke Programmes, life/business coaching, counselling, tuition and mentoring with regards to CP, Discipline, Impact Play and DD for lifestylers and professionals.

I cater for discerning people - males, females and couples - at all levels from complete newcomers to highly experienced people and everything in between. Do be aware there is absolutely nothing sexual permitted although, of course, I am comfortable with you being fully naked. I, however, will remain fully clothed in my usual dignified manner.

I do not allow safe words - there really is no need for them when playing with someone who is highly experienced, and they defeat the whole object in my opinion. When we enter my 'playroom' there will be absolutely no doubt that I have taken full control and I will hand it back only when the session has ended.

I am happy to play with or without a roleplay. The only roleplays that are essential are during my Judicial sessions and my 20-minute Interview with the Headmistress/Magistrate sessions in order to properly set the scene and the tone.

Do also note that I offer purely CP and Discipline. That means no CBT, no nipple clamps, no 'slaves', no 'sissies', etc. If you wish to 'dress' for your session I have no objection, but you will need to bring your own clothing with you. The only bondage I indulge in is securing to my Fetters bench or to my high fixing point should you request a Judicial Flogging (with my Cat o' Nine Tails). I also do not provide humiliation outside of the roleplay and I do NOT carry out 'small penis humiliation'.

Be aware that I am not a 'service top'. We will agree on session parameters beforehand and then I will take control. I will not be manipulated and I will not work to a script.

My CP books, 'The Art of Corporal Punishment', 'Lady Pandora's ABC of Discipline', and my 'Notes on Caning' are now available in Paperback and PDF formats direct from me and also on Amazon (Hardbacks, Paperbacks and Kindle). Please message me for further details.

For further details, please contact me via DM on this site or else via email (LadyPandoraCP at outlook dot com) in the first instance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,
Lady Pandora

*** New paperbacks/PDFs are now available - Personal Punishment Book for recipients and Punishment Book for Disciplinarians/Dominants/Chambers. Please DM me for further information. ***

***** In these bizarre, uncertain times, are you struggling to cope? Are you finding yourself becoming despondent? Are you procrastinating and put things off thinking you can always do it tomorrow… only to find that tomorrow never comes?

It is common for people to lose their self-discipline and struggle to find the will to impose structure on their days when nobody knows what tomorrow may bring. They lose their positivity and can become lethargic and despondent.

Is this you? I will provide the structure you need and give you someone to be answerable to; I will provide the stimulus you need and impose the discipline you are lacking, along with consequences.

This can be a one-off event or we can develop a Bespoke Programme for you, with or without an end date.

To discuss your requirements or to book a meeting, please message me. I will then give you a phone number for your call.

So what do you have to lose? In the first instance, send me a message and we will discuss how I can be of help to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. *****

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