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Professional Disciplinarian, Worcestershire/W Mids

Age:35 years
Sponsoring:I expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 2in (157 cm)
Weight:9st 6lb (59.9 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
Last login:4 days ago

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About me
I am Miss Haldane, a highly educated, intelligent and intuitive disciplinarian. Youíll find me well-spoken, insightful, and good company - but donít let this fool you; I set uncompromisingly high standards, and will give no quarter when you are due to go over my knee. I truly Ďgetí CP, understanding the power it holds to effect real behaviour change and to provide cathartic release from the stresses of the vanilla lives we lead. I understand your need for an authority figure to be held accountable to and see my role as a disciplinarian as a form of life coaching, with the added benefit of very real, physical consequences should you break my rules or fail to meet the targets we set for you.

I have held a fascination for CP for as long as I can remember and have indulged my interest privately for a number of years.

Sessions with me
Sessions with me may be intense or lighthearted, depending on the type of session we choose. I will not raise my voice and wonít punish you in anger. Instead, youíll face a calm, firm disciplinarian: the authority figure you yearn for. You will be held to account and receive the punishment you need and deserve.

Focus/types of session
The potential for real change is limitless when you place your trust in a disciplinarian who has your best interests at heart. If you have goals you wish to work towards, we will work out how best to achieve them and agree on actions for you. I will hold you accountable for those actions. I expect complete honesty from you, and will question you on your progress in some detail when we meet. Despite your love of CP, I can promise that you will not wish to disappoint me. If (happily) you achieve your targets, our sessions will focus on maintenance spankings. Fear not, success will still earn you the spanking you need! I am equally content to spank you without a goals framework if you wish to experience a defined punishment scene, whether real or imagined, in which you play a role or in which you are yourself.

Sessions do not need to focus on punishment. A cathartic spanking affords you the opportunity to relinquish control for the time we spend together, without the distraction of goals/targets or assumed roles. Having time out from your stressful life can be the reset you need to find the balance you are looking for. You can simply be my spankee for our session and receive the spanking you desire.

Punishments will be traditional in nature. You can expect a domestic/office scene, in which the consequences you earn will involve OTK and other classic spanking positions, using my hand and/or other implements (hairbrushes/bathbrushes/belts/straps/slippers etc). I will also administer and set other punishments such as scolding, mouth soaping, corner time, line writing, and essay writing where appropriate.

I believe that a spanking must truly hurt to be effective. For this reason, I do not use safe words; once you submit to a punishment from me, there will be no get out - you will receive the spanking you deserve, and it will end only when I say it does. Of course, all limits will be respected.

About you
I expect high standards from the spankees/submissives I see. I am highly selective and will work only with those I feel I can create a positive and productive disciplinary relationship with. I cater to all levels of experience - please donít feel shy if you are seeking an introduction to spanking: we will take whatever time is necessary to get you comfortable, before I make you very uncomfortable! I see those of any gender, race or sexual orientation. A bottom is a bottom, after all. I accept applications from those aged 25+.

I expect you to be clean and respectful at all times. Be very clear that the service I provide is disciplinary in nature; do not disrespect me by requesting any form of sexual service. I will be dressed professionally, unless you prefer less formal attire, in which case I am more than happy to discipline you while wearing jeans and a top.

Availability & Premises
I am available on weekdays from 9am - 5pm from a discreet kink venue in Dudley and from domestic premises near Stourbridge. Both venues are easily accessible by road and by public transport. My time is limited so be sure to approach well in advance to book a session.


Details of how to apply can be found on my website - please message me for further information.

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