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Naughty girl looking for discipline

Age:29 years
Sponsoring:I don't expect money
Marital status:single
I'm looking for a:woman, man, couple
Height:5ft 4in (163 cm)
Weight:11st 5lb (72.1 kg)
Preferred spanking:hard
Last login:1 day ago

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Hey :-)

I'm 28, female and have a love/hate relationship with spanking and impact play. I find it a cathartic release and crave it, but my pain tolerance is not particularly great. I like rules and accountability and am looking for someone who is as equally good at both putting me over their knee and in the corner as giving cuddles. I like boundaries and knowing who is in charge, whilst having open communication and fairness in a dynamic. It's important to be free to be myself without fear of embarrassment (not the bad kind anyway!) I am naturally regressive at times and definitely have an inner naughty little girl side. Im bratty sometimes, but I can discern when its appropriate and when its not. I'm incredibly shy at first too!

Although experienced in many areas, what I have found lacking in many play partners is a genuine interest and consistency in discipline. I am not looking for sex or other things...Sometimes things happen in time but I want to experience and enjoy spanking and discipline without other expectations and distraction.

I'm pansexual...I don't care what's between your legs if there is a mutual connection. I'm a bit of a slut for humiliation and whilst for the most part 1-1 is my preference, I do like to indulge in group play too.

Whilst I may radiate goodness and submission and all things sugary and sweet (ha) I have to put a little disclaimer here: If you're a douche please don't message me. I don't know who knighted all the doms but unless you've established a dynamic with me, I've licked your boots cos you're so damn attractive that I fell at your feet, or you've been knighted....please don't refer to yourself as "Sir" because I'll tell you to jog on.

It's not cute sending repetitive messages, it's kinda creepy and weird. And it's worrying that when you get to a certain age you're still chasing some unknown young woman with no face picture. My age limit is 50, yes 76 is pushing it sorry. And telling me I'm not a twue submissive because I switch is bizarre. I like cute butts and I like hitting them, so far it's not affected my ability to do all the important stuff like fetch beer or wash dishes. (Get a dishwasher). I guess I come across a little rude and I do from time to time get the "you have an attitude and need a spanking line" from random strangers on the inerwebz....however I can assure you, if you're on the receiving end of being told to jog on the chances are people have been trying to tell you you're a douche for a long time.

Do what you've always done...get what you've always got :-)

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